Meet our dedicated team of Sales Executives, who are ready to assist you with all of your business needs. Okay… so, there is no "I" in team, but for the time being… it will have to do!



Joined in: 2018 [Owner & Sales Executive]

Hometown: Notre Dame de Lourdes, Manitoba

Syl has completed 5 years of University and has received her Bachelor of Arts & a Bachelor of Education.

Within her first degree, Syl took as many courses in Business and Marketing as she could, as her interests' seemed to also lie here.

Following the completion of both programs, Syl spent 5 years teaching middle school & high school students all while starting and growing her business on the sidelines.

She is a mother of two; a full time business owner and has recently completed the following training to assist in her business skills:

  • 3M ViT Installer Training
  • 3M AiT Installer Training
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